Children's Gymnastics

At the Rec Center of New Braunfels, we provide a wide variety of gymnastics classes. Whether you have a toddler or a ten-year-old, our classes are small and focused on developing all the basics of gymnastics in a fun and social environment. Between rings, tumbling, rings, gars, beams, and floor, we provide a solid foundation for gymnastics through games and direct training.

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Parent Tot Gymnastics

Parent and Tot Gymnastics is for children 18 months old and consists of a 30-minute class with one teacher assisting you and your child. The course is designed to help you work together with your toddler in a playful, fun atmosphere while developing your child’s hand-eye coordination, body awareness, strength, and agility through basic gymnastics skills.

We strive to have our families grow while they’re here with us. This is made possible by exploring and learning new, interesting skills in a safe place. We encourage your child to play and explore, which helps build self-confidence and is a ton of fun!

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Preschool Gymnastics

Gymnastics for Tots is for children ages three to five years old and focuses on basic gymnastic skills, strength, and flexibility. We introduce trampoline and tumbling, along with fun games and props to increase coordination and motor skills. Every student improves at their own pace while building a solid foundation for gymnastics.

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Gymnastics Classes

Our regular gymnastics classes are for children ages five to nine years old. They consist of a 45-minute class where your child is grouped based on ability. The groups rotate through the gym to stations with designated coaches who specialize in that specific event. The stations include trampoline, floor, tumbling, bars, beam, and rings. We focus on basic gymnastics skills at the beginning, and eventually lead to more advanced techniques as your child progresses.

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Super fun programs for your little ones all year long!

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