Just For Tots

Programs for ages three to five

If you need a place for your kids to go during the school year, look no further than the rec Center of New Braunfels’ Just for Tots programs. Designed for ages three to five, these programs help promote confidence, coordination, socialization, and fitness in a fun and interactive environment.

They’re great for developing young bodies in preparation for any form of athletics, focusing on body awareness, strength, and general fitness. Our small instructors-to-student ratio promotes individual development, and above all else we promote fun!

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Soccer for Tots

Our Soccer for Tots classes are soccer-themed motor skill classes that are very easy for youngsters to get into. Younger age groups focus on developing motor skills and self-confidence, while our older classes focus on developing core soccer skills, focus, and introduce light competition.

Basketball for Tots

Learning basketball has never been more fun! These classes focus on dribbling, shot technique, passing, and teamwork. Adjustable hoops and appropriately sized basketballs are always used to provide just the right amount of challenge.
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Gymnastics for Tots

These classes focus on basic gymnastics skills, strength, and flexibility. We incorporate trampoline, tumbling, and fun games/props to increase coordination and motor skills. Every student progresses at their own pace as they build a strong foundation for gymnastics and physical activity.

All our Just for Tots programs meet during the school year.
Classes meet once a week for 30 minutes. All programs cost $50 a month.

Super fun programs for your little ones all year long!

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